Recolitus has experience working with clients to redesign websites to increase engaging, value and brand identity. As businesses grow and the industry changes Website Redesign is essential to keep up with the current trends. Technology is fast evolving and for businesses to stay afloat and competitive they need to constantly restrategize and redesign their website.

Recolitus has helped a number of businesses across the world to redesign their websites to produce more engaging websites. We are a results driven Website Redesign Company that focuses on making your company’s online presence stand apart from your competition, getting more click throughs and higher transition rates on all your points of contact with potential customers across the web.

When redesigning a website, it is imperative to utilise web promotion tools to ensure that you new website is a success. One of the services we’re proud of is our ability to redesign websites to optimize every single piece of information of value to a potential customer, capturing their attention with images, layout, and text that are impossible to ignore and inspire them to identify with your company as a product or service provider that offers only the best in quality and customer service.

The Website Redesign Process

Other web service companies that say they specialize in redesigning websites will simply make a few changes here and there so you notice the website is updated, but they don’t go through the process of studying what gets clicked and what doesn’t, analyzing your company goals, and how your website interacts with your social media profiles and email campaigns. Our objective is to help our clients revamp their websites to give them a modern feel and increasing their conversion.

When you order a website redesign from us, we sit down with you to learn exactly what you want out of a website redesign, what you like about your website currently, what you want to change, and what you hope to accomplish with the redesign. We also look at any and all current and past analytics you have available to make sure we optimize exactly what customers like and find new ways of grabbing their attention while staying true to your company’s brand and positive reputation.

What Do We Do, Exactly? And How Will it Benefit Your Company?

When we’re redesigning your website, visual changes are a part of the equation, but there are many other components involved in the final decision of what your website will look like and how the site itself will function.

Simplified Design

An old-fashioned clunky design that has too many options of where to click becomes confusing quickly. Our redesign experts know how to create a clean-looking navigation menu that is easy to find your way to any page at any time, with trackable nesting and easy ways to find nested pages without having to click on five different pages which loses business.

Visual Changes Based on Science

We keep ourselves educated and updated on the latest research concerning the human brain, color, design, stimulation and emotions. Based on your company’s brand and story, we use this information to convey who you are and interest customers in your products or services.

Customer Interaction

Making customer interaction quick and easily accessible is one of the easiest ways to build trust with your potential client base and build your email lists to continue interaction. We can implement widgets and contact forms that are easy to access and fill out so the instant a customer has a question, they can ask and receive an answer directly from you, increasing your credibility and keeping you in their good favor.

Social Media Integration

Social media is essential, and keeping your website integrated with your various social media profiles is one of the best ways to grow your online presence without too much active work on your part.

Search Engine Optimization

We have an in-house team of SEO professionals that stay abreast of the constant search engine changes and which strategies work well. Whether it’s keyword integration, meta tags, or keeping fresh, related content on your website, our redesign experts know exactly where and how to make these unseen changes that will greatly increase your search engine rankings.